Security Tips

Remove valuables from the car 
Take your satellite navigation system, car stereo and personal belongings out of a car. If you can`t take them with you, hide them in the glove compartment, boot or under the seats.

Ladies, do not leave handbags on the passenger seat. Place them on the floor away from view from outside. Also avoid use of laptops at night in the car.

Wipe sucker marks off the windscreen and be wary of fitting sat navigation brackets to the dashboard - there have been many reported cases of opportunist thieves breaking into vehicles on the off-chance that the sat navigation handset is hidden inside.

Keep doors locked
Lock your doors and close your windows when leaving your vehicle unattended and keep doors locked whilst driving. This stops thieves from grabbing your personal belongings off your seat whilst you are waiting at traffic lights or stuck in a queue.

Never leave documents in a vehicle don’t store documents such as your driving license and vehicle registration document in the vehicle.

Fit an approved alarm if you have none. Cars with security equipment are said to be ten times safer than those without it? So make sure you use the equipment if you have it. If you don`t have it, it`s worth investing in.

Fit an iimmobilizer
Electronic engine immobilizer will make life difficult for thieves as they prevent hot-wiring. They now come as standard features (factory fitted) on most modern cars.

Fit a tracker to performance or prestige models
Fitting a GPS vehicle tracker means that your vehicle will be tracked and recovered as soon as it triggers as stolen. It`s a worthwhile investment for performance and prestige models.

Use additional security devices as deterrents
Steering wheel locks are a good deterrent, as are gear-stick locks. Also use locking wheel nuts to prevent thieves targeting your alloy wheels.

Park with security in mind
As much as possible avoid overnight parking on the streets. Use a garage for overnight parking if possible, otherwise park in a well-lit area rather than in the shadows.

Registration etching 
Have your registration etched unto the windows, door handles, tire rims, mirrors, headlights and other "attractive areas" of your vehicle. This makes it more difficult for the car to be sold with false number plates.

Prevent carjacking
Wear your seatbelt at all times as carjacking relies on speed and a seatbelt slows down the process of parting you from your car. When stopped in traffic, leave enough room to manouevre so that you can pull round the car in front if you feel threatened. Never open the door of your car to talk to strangers, or roll your window all the way down- by rolling down the window slightly you prevent an attacker from reaching in and opening your door, snatching your jeweler or robbing you at knife point.

Be conscious of your surroundings when driving.